DOE to recommend approval of five charter schools

The Department of Education announced that Commissioner Driscoll will be recommending that the Board of Education approve five new Commonwealth charter schools. The BOE will vote on Feb. 25.

Response by MTA President Catherine A. Boudreau to Commissioner Driscoll's recommendation

"The recommendation is unconscionable. The commissioner has ignored the wishes of the vast majority of parents, elected officials and educators in these communities. In the midst of what the Romney administration describes as the worst fiscal crisis since the Depression, the Department is recommending a course of action that will make education budget cuts in these communities even worse.

"It is a sad day for Massachusetts when the state's education department takes steps that will condemn thousands of children in the regular public schools to larger classes and fewer educational programs.

"Our next step will be to urge the members of the Board of Education to vote against the proposed new charter schools. Should that fail, I am sure we will be joined by hundreds of parents and community leaders in these districts in redoubling our efforts to win approval of the moratorium bill filed by Representative O'Brien and Senator Pacheco."

Note: The five schools being recommended for approval are:

Commonwealth Charters:

Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter School (regional)
Location:    North Adams

Boston Preparatory Charter School
Location:    Boston

Excel Academy Charter School (regional)
Location:    Boston

Hill View Montessori Charter School of Haverhill
Location:    Haverhill

Salem Academy Charter School
Location:    Salem