Environmental Health & Safety

The MTA Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Committee will support and encourage, and act as a resource for, the MTA and its affiliates in their efforts to promote healthy and safe environments for staff and students.

In particular, the EH&S Committee will:

  • maintain an accessible central location of EH&S information in schools.
  • advocate passage of legislation that seeks to protect children and staff from EH&S problems.
  • continue MTA initiatives and efforts to educate members and staff.
  • encourage the formation of local EH&S Committees, including the use of EPA's 'Tools for Schools' program.
  • encourage MTA locals to bargain for contract language that will promote healthy and safe environments

More information on the EH&S committee, including meeting notices.



Major Research Web Sites

  • National Institute for Occupational Health
    NIOSH is the federal agency connected with the CDC and responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for prevention of work related disease and injury. This site has a search engine. NIOSH services include Health Hazard Evaluations. Because of fiscal cut backs, it’s unusual that a site evaluation will be conducted, but they will review reports when requested, and provide technical assistance). NIOSH publications are available and a NIOSH 800 numbers disseminates information. NIOSH also provides training to occupational safety and health professionals, and they provide numerous safety and health data based information pieces.
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment. This huge national site has a search engine. Key topics include: Air, Clean up, Compliance and Enforcement, Ecosystems, Environmental Management, Economics, Emergencies, Human Health, Industry, International Cooperation, Pesticides, Pollutants/toxics, Pollution Prevention, Research, Treatment and Control, Wastes and Water.

The “Air” section of the EPA site provides relevant information on Air Pollutants, air pollution control, air pollution effects, legal aspects, pollution monitoring, air quality, atmosphere, indoor air pollution, and mobile sources of pollution.

  • MassCOSH
    MassCOSH brings together workers, unions, community groups, and health, safety and environmental activists to organize and advocate for safe, secure jobs and healthy communities throughout eastern and central Massachusetts. Through training, technical assistance and building community/labor alliances, MassCOSH mobilizes its members and develops leaders in the movement to end unsafe work conditions.